Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Matsuya Ginza

Matsuya Ginza Tokyo,Japan

Matsuya Ginza is a department store that operates in Ginza district, Tokyo. There are many department stores in Ginza but Matsuya is a bit different from other stores. Matsuya attracts many young women. In general, young Japanese women buy clothes, bags, shoes, and accessories at fashion buildings such as 109 in Shibuya or Lumine in Shinjuku. But many young women go to Matsuya Ginza because of the fashion sections there. This department store knows what young women want to buy.

Other attraction of Matsuya Ginza is art galleries on the 7th floor. Exhibits are changed almost every week and they show a wide range of artwork, such as oil paintings, ink paintings, or pottery.And you should not miss “depachika”, which means the basement of a department store.Depachika is a good spot to find delicious food. Sweets are especially popular and the basement of Matsuya is always full of people who want to buy popular sweets.

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